Monday, October 24, 2005

Connection vs. Oneness

I just want to make the small but crucial distinction that while I do believe in connection, I do NOT believe that everything is "one" in the sense that "we're all connected, so why can't we just get along?" I think diversity remains critical to connectivity; otherwise, it's all just uniform. I think it takes a big leap of faith and strong moral stance to understand how we can be connected to un-like things and people. Advocating oneness is too ... totalizing and profoundly disrespectful of the uniqueness of each living, breathing, and non-living or breathing thing. We're made up of atoms, and beneath that connected by cosmic strings, but we add up to different people, individual stars, and crazy-real viruses that all share this universe equally.

It's the difference between acceptance of additive reality and imposition of reductive reality. Viva la difference!

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