Monday, May 18, 2015

Albuquerque Boosterism

I've been thinking a lot in bumper stickers lately.  What do you say to capture the unique cacophony of humble greatness that is our city?

ABQ:  The good/bad news is that nothing is professionalized here!

ABQ:  Not for posers.

ABQ:  Underestimating itself for over 400 years.

ABQ:  Not for your children, or your parents

ABQ:  The only thing we hate more than sprawl is infill

ABQ:  Where we want improvement with no change

ABQ:  Where we won't change until it's too late

ABQ:  Good thing the quality of life is so high; incomes certainly aren't!

ABQ:  More open space than jobs

ABQ:  View your future the past

ABQ:  So many views, such narrow perspectives

ABQ:  Be who you want here; no one's watching

ABQ:  So cool we don't even have to be cool anymore

ABQ:  No one to dress up for; nowhere to go dressed up

ABQ:  Micro brews, nano night life

ABQ:  Come for the lifestyle, leave for a better wage

ABQ:  More beautiful than Denver, without all that pesky transit and night life

ABQ:  Bring your wealth; you won't find any here (p.s. don't flaunt it)