Friday, March 25, 2005

What you thought you were asking for

So my lesson of the week is this:

Be specific when you put requests out in the universe.

This week for me is all about synchronicity. I got myself centered and asked for clarity. My relationship ended. I asked for updates to my computer. My computer got stolen, and I'm faced with replacing it. I asked for movement toward a career working for communities. I got a new job -- that starts the day after a major deadline at my old one. I asked for a little extra money, and I got it -- along with major new needs -- for a place to live, setting up shop, and all new technology. I asked for motivation to work on the thesis. I lost my reference database.

And through it all, my prevailing thought is, wow. The universe really has big plans for me! There's no equivocating on the message: MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE. After all, that's life. We're vessels: get ready to float, cause it's starting to rain. Scrap that; it's storming!

Energy flows. Where there's an opening, it moves. I have to believe that's why all of this is happening at once. I am the opening. I am open. I open.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Girls Weekend

Went to Santa Fe with the m-pyre trio and talked and ate and drank and talked some more.

Here is what I wrote on the subject:

Today with the girls, and I know that no matter what -- NO MATTER WHAT -- I will become who I want to be, and all will be well. Maybe not all as I'd want or all as I'd dream or expect or reason for myself -- but well. As it should be. With friends around me who love me just for who I am and what I believe. It's downright affirming.

And boys -- while important and a frequent topic -- shrink to their rightful proportions. Important but peripheral. Central, even, maybe -- but additive. This is what you must remember when falling in love. That life takes two feet, on the ground at all times.

Today I picture brown babies and imagine turning 30 as a release from all the fears that my dreams won't come true. Time to make the hard decisions and live happy anyway.

Today, here with my heart friends who just now are learning they belong here, I enjoy this place -- my life -- my self. I feel downright centered. It is light.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Public Art: Post-modern Whimsy & Commentary at Its Best (Planned Obsolescence Anyone?), Fridgehenge in Santa Fe Posted by Hello

What's left of the Bosque after fire and man: Hand-picking the Natural or Uprooting Non-natives Posted by Hello

Oxbow Semi-private Eco-Preserve: A Man-made Natural Landscpae Posted by Hello

Gardening Tools: Constructing the Natural Landscape Posted by Hello

Construction of Tingley Beach's New "Kidney" Posted by Hello

Construction at Tingley "Beach" (Country Club built on the City's old landfill in the middle distance) Posted by Hello

Beachfront Property View: New construction at Private Eco-preserve, The Oxbow on the Rio Grande Posted by Hello

Locked in to Santa Fe Style: A World Market Salvage Yard Posted by Hello