Friday, March 25, 2005

What you thought you were asking for

So my lesson of the week is this:

Be specific when you put requests out in the universe.

This week for me is all about synchronicity. I got myself centered and asked for clarity. My relationship ended. I asked for updates to my computer. My computer got stolen, and I'm faced with replacing it. I asked for movement toward a career working for communities. I got a new job -- that starts the day after a major deadline at my old one. I asked for a little extra money, and I got it -- along with major new needs -- for a place to live, setting up shop, and all new technology. I asked for motivation to work on the thesis. I lost my reference database.

And through it all, my prevailing thought is, wow. The universe really has big plans for me! There's no equivocating on the message: MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE. After all, that's life. We're vessels: get ready to float, cause it's starting to rain. Scrap that; it's storming!

Energy flows. Where there's an opening, it moves. I have to believe that's why all of this is happening at once. I am the opening. I am open. I open.

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