Monday, April 04, 2005

Fresh Start: Day One

Spent the weekend moving and moving and moving.

Jeff was incredibly helpful, although we were both incredibly sad.

The dog will move tonight, with the shoes, the last of the books, and last but not least, the old (once new in CHICAGO) computer.

New computer's on the way. Picked up a change of address form during lunch, downtown at the Plazeria or whatever that thing's called. I like, work downtown and stuff. I walk to the CBD, yo. And like, grab a sandwich and drop off my mail. Dude.

And the new job? Good, I think. Good prospects. Solid future. I think I can do what I want here in terms of learning and professional development. It's all very place-based, which I find tremendously comforting after a year and a half in limbo-land writing feasibility studies for Ports of Entry where the only discussion of communities was how to appease them enough to get them to stop coming to meetings. Ouch.

There's work to do here, and things to learn. Oh lord, just let me keep some focus.


Here's the first foot in front of the other.

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