Friday, April 08, 2005

Not-so-fresh Start: End of Week 1

Made it to Friday.

Recovering from an almost-debilitating cold (you can't call in sick in your first week of a new job!!).

Recovered my escapist puppy from doggy jail. Jeff saved the day again by letting me deposit the little Houdini without much of a backward glance in his backyard. Set to repair the gate today.

Moved all but two boxes into the house. Room painted (thanks again to my handy man). Closet set up.

New computer, new backpack, new phone, new memory stick, new monitor. Car insurance reinstated on the Toyota. Cell phone rebate almost ready to mail. Memory stick rebate almost almost ready to mail. Walking today to take care of registering my new hybrid with the city so I can park at meters for free (what a benny, no?!).

This weekend: to start and finish my school project due Tuesday. No biggy, right? Only a 10-page paper and a poster. So doable. (Here's hoping.)

I keep telling myself one step at a time. If only life would listen!

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