Saturday, July 09, 2005

Strange Silence

Everything's moving so fast, but somehow I'm not panicked, because I sense strongly that things are actually revolving, which means I don't have to track anything. If I miss it, it will be back soon enough, and I can try to deal with it again at that point, and maybe I'll have more of what I need to be effective or patient or loving or strong or assertive or graceful.

I don't have many words of my own at the moment. Narrative fails me. So I offer the poems below from a new treasure trove of a poet: Simon Ortiz of Acoma pueblo.

Thanks to Levi Romero for turning me onto him. I've immersed myself in his book Woven Stone, a collection of several of his early volumes. And I mean volumes.

Another hint about where I am:

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You’re being asked to live without something, or to live as if you were without it. Think of this something as part of yourself. Imagine that you’re in a psychological experiment where you’re relieved of the burden of self-consciousness. You’re free to be you without that peculiar human quality of regret, or of seeking something better in the past or future. Note how you relate to your own needs in this space, particularly your need for companionship. Notice how it feels to offer yourself to others from this unusual point of clarity.

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