Thursday, July 28, 2005

Pirate's Life for Me

My niece turned 6!

She had not one but TWO parties.

This was preparation for her Pirate Party for all 25 kids from her kindergarten class. The night before, she got a purple tulle tutu dress from her other auntie, replete with silver elbow gloves, silver purse, and jelly-glass slippers. She ran to the bathroom to try it on and emerged with her fanny showing from the back of the dress. She immediately grabbed her pirate sword and was therein deemed the Pirate Princess. And that's what she is.

The funniest part of the day was that I kept forgetting I was a pirate. I couldn't understand how the woman at Pizza Hut guessed my order was for a kids' party. Maybe because of the large cheese? But we ordered 2 green chile, and surely that should have thrown her off. Hmm... Then as I was sitting there waiting for the pizzas to be done, everyone coming in kept doing a double-take when they saw me. I'm thinking, I showered, so I can't look THAT bad, and I know I don't look that GOOD... What's going on?

And then it would hit me. Oh, right. I'm a pirate.

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