Saturday, July 09, 2005

Evening Beach Walk

by Simon Ortiz

I don’t really feel like walking
at first
but somehow I feel I must
since I have come
this far
to this edge,
and so I walk.

The sun is going downwards
or rather one point changes to another,
and I know I am confronting
another horizon.

A dog comes sniffing at my knees
and I hold my hand to him,
and he sniffs, wags his tail
and trots away to join a young couple,
his friends, who smile as we meet.

I look many times as the sun sets
and I don’t know why I can’t see
clearly the horizon I’ve imagined.
Maybe it’s the clouds, the smog
maybe it’s the changing.

It’s a duty with me,
I know, to find the horizons,
and I keep on walking on the ocean’s edge,
looking for things in the dim light.

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