Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Holding My Breath

Oh, I'm underwater alright, but I'm not drowning. Nope, I'm just swimming underwater!

I'm making progress, so it's not time to breathe yet.

Finished the maps last weekend, although my advisor found another pile -- but only 3 more to go! I'm thinking I can get through them tonight and tomorrow.

Last night, started and finished an entire book that got recalled to Zimmerman. AND RETURNED IT. That's Virgo satisfaction!

Even talked to my bestest pal in Chicago, who's bravely going it alone in a rough personal time. Got her to laugh, which was about all I had to offer her. Still, I think she needed it.

This weekend: the map analysis portion of chapter 3.

Next week: analysis of neighborhoods south of Montano.

Next weekend: the write-up of same.

And then grading portfolios.

And books, books, books. I figure they're all due at the end of the semester, so I've gotta get serious real fast. I'm getting better at culling what I need and disregarding the rest (not a Virgo strength -- we think EVERYTHING's important because it's all connected! It will all be useful eventually! You never know what you're gonna need!). I'll basically have from December 16 (when grades are due) to the 23rd (when I'll have to start X-mas shopping and packing for NYC -- woo hoo).

Then X-mas.

Then five glorious days in our nation's largest city. Holy cajole.

Then writing/finishing/pulling my hair out on/ the theory chapter. (Jan 2-8)

Then a conclusion. (Jan. 9-13)

Then pulling it all together and ...

Sending to committee (Jan. 13).

Totally doable, right?

Do you see why I'm not breathing? The spell could dissipate if I breathe for a single second.

But for whatever reason, it still seems doable. Hard. Excruciating. PAINful. Tight.

But doable.

Lord god halleluiah.

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