Friday, August 19, 2005


fr. Face of an Angel – Denise Chavez

(Novel written by NM author about a waitress at El Farol in Agua Oscura, NM)

“You are grace and beauty and doubt and struggle and you are perfect the way you are. Men will want your passion and then try to run from it. Screw the familiar restraints and all those men who would have you turn your heart inside out or upside down or quietside back. You’ve been underwater too long now, Dedea, and now it’s time to breathe! I am gasping for air right now, but this breath is mine.

Waiting is a career. I have made it mine. My mother made it hers, as did her mother before her. Dedea, you have a choice. Breathe, little sister, breathe! Only you can change this wait.”

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