Thursday, August 04, 2005

Saying good-bye to my twenties

Remember how fun the twenties were? I was buried in books and as busy as I seem to be now, but ... I did have a good time.

This was my twenty-first birthday:

Giant Steps, a local ska band pretty popular at that time, actually agreed to play my party. I was kind of a groupie. It helped that I worked with the bassist and main organizer, Otto (who's since moved on to start Breaker 1-9, the Migs, and some other weird band name I can't remember at the moment.

The guy front and center in this picture is Juan Carlos Montoya, now hair artician (his word, not mine!), then sometimes trumpet guest in the band. I just visited JC again after a few years break, during which I cheated on him ruthlessly with another hair stylist at the Aveda salon. I did manage to start my sister Christi seeing him, and now he cuts hair for my adorable nieces pictured below.

This is my favorite ever picture of myself. Not because I look particularly good, not because I was particularly happy or that 21 was really anything big to celebrate. I like it because I look carefree, something not captured on film too often because frankly, it doesn't happen that often.

Looking ahead at the next 10 years I hope I can return more to this free spirit. I've discovered lately I'm funny. Not on this blog usually, but I've cut people up recently. Even my super-serious roommate says I'm witty. Who would have known? And I just got asked by a new acquaintance whether I'm really a Virgo because I'm so filled with life. Ahem.

But this picture proves it. I have a light side. Here's hoping it only grows brighter.

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