Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Water Water Everywhere

Having jumped headfirst into this technological revolution on the net (blogging, Hello Picture Sharing, On-line Forum Pages, etc.), I realize I am both in over my head and head-over-heels in love with the state of choice-overload of internet communication.

Today, IM-ing with a friend from Seattle, she shared the link to her wedding picture website (www.partypics.com), and I shared my blogpage. I offered wedding congratulations; she offered her condolences on my recent dog-loss. And I felt ... comforted and updated, much as I imagine letter-writers and receivers used to feel in the early 20th century.

But easier! It's all so easy! And now whose fault is it that I don't keep in touch with friends? Not to mention family.

My sister just sent an e-mail to all the sisters and my mother about hosting a "welcome to the family" event for the new men in our lives (Heidi's fiance Eric and my Jeff). We're e-mailing requests for family interaction!!! How weird is that?

And only to find out: It's not weird at all. It works. It works well. I replied to my sisters and my mother and expressed feelings that I haven't been able to share with them in months -- okay, okay -- EVER!

So fuck it. I'm embracing technology and my family all at once.

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