Friday, October 15, 2004

End of a New Day

It's the dawn of a new era for me. I thought learning Photoshop was a big deal, but it turns out, blogging is the thing to do.

And I wonder if I'm "misunderestimating" the danger of world-publishing, even if it is a stupid web log.

I mean, really. It's one thing to give access to personal thoughts and photos to the crowd of technocrats out there that surf the cyberweb (mixed metaphor, anyone?), but it's quite another thing to invite closer inspection from our Big Brother. Do you think they hire government bureaucrats to do nothing all day but read people's blogs and do searches for *wmd* and *bomb* and *protest* -- or god forbid -- *civil rights?

It's all a bit much to think about, so for the moment, I'll just ask whoever's out there to report my peaceful intentions and to ask those of you with expertise, how do you go about adding music links to specific songs?

Get short, smarty. I'm outty.

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