Monday, October 25, 2004


So note the time stamp. Here I sit, waiting for my PDF versions of Illustrator Board with AutoCAD & TIF files to plot.

Writing the latest Elliot Smith to CD while listening on I-tunes.

Does anyone notice how out-of-hand all of this is?

All this technology, and it still takes 15 minutes to print! A whole 15 minutes! Ridiculous.

This weekend, Jeff & I watched a whole lot of tennis. Keegan & Aaron were in a tournament along with their Jefferson Jets teammates. Quite the social event for pre-adolescents. I was impressed by the general sportmanlike conduct of little men & women alike. We overheard several supportive comments, even to opponents. Makes me feel better about the state of the world.

Doesn't hurt that the Sox won game 1 of the series, either. Watched the game at Maggie & Joe's with a bunch of friends of friends. The chile was excellent, and the comraderie was unmatched. It was effortless to be there as a couple with Jeff, even bringing the boys along. Poor Aaron was outnumbered as one of only two Cardinals supporters. He handled it with grace & humor, as only he can do.

So, except for plotting with a race against the impending dawn, life is good. Real, real good.

Go fucking figure.

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