Saturday, December 17, 2005

Writing Break

It's going well!

I am flooded with well-being.

The writing is coursing along. Writing's not hard; it's just tedious! But I can do it! One little idea at a time. Check it off. I don't know if you can possibly understand what a difference of mindset this represents for me. I have a thriving fear of writing, an absolute horror at the possibility that I might not be able to describe my ideas in words. And an ultimate fear that I won't be able to say anything important in this thesis and therefore FAIL to write it.

But today, all is sweetness and light, and I simply describe what's in all my insanely detailed and sorted Excel tables for each of the maps. What does it all add up to? Who knows! Who cares! That's tomorrow's task! Today is just paragraph by paragraph, topic by topic. And that' s okay.

Along the same lines, I've got a comforable booth at the Star, an endless (and free) source for coffee, a full glass of water with lemon, and the ultimate selection of tunes on my very own jukebox. The latest flood of elemental joy: Tori Amos' Sorta Fairytale. GodDAMN that's a good song. Up there in happiness: Ozo Matli and Manu Chao. And for variation, new (to me) hip-hop: the Chicago group Common. So good!

Keep it coming, world. I'm your scribe. Fill me up!

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