Friday, December 16, 2005


Still no Christmas shopping, but I did just complete my teaching duties!


I'm feeling good. Gotta write like the wind this weekend, but it's doable. It's all doable!

Talked with my oldest sis yesterday. Crazy because the night before I'd had this nightmare where she refused to say hello to me, and I got murderously angry, but she simply refused to acknowledge me. Not an hour after waking up, she called. Just to talk.

Watched What the Bleep Do We Know, and since then, I've been aware of all the little moments of synchronicity that happen all around me all the time.

Like my friend in Chicago sending me music files that I loved. He was going to send me the rest but never was able to. He sent me a link to the music video, which I forwarded on to my friend here in town, because I knew he'd like it somehow, which reminded me of the stack of music he'd left for me to listen to, and low and behold: there was that CD. Crazy!

I thought about a friend I haven't seen in a year and a half, and there she was at Target.

It's the season for calling in big universal awareness, and I'm doing my best to pay attention and keep my life out of the way by staying open to whatever happens, not just what I WANT to happen.

And New York draws closer and closer. The best idea given yesterday: ice skating. Yes!

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