Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Poem for urban renewal

I've shuttled diplomacy so far
it's come back to bite me
left and right on the spectrum
of distaste and bad taste

(and Edison with is ear
to the wrong side of the telegraph).

Where's the inclusion
they promised when things got bad?
Whose plan did they follow
that made things worse?

Their unitary plans were one
with disaster,
the rest of us out here listening
to our futures drive by doing 60.

My advocate tells me to vacate
I tell him to plan this --
shake my despair in his face
til his teeth crumble

(and his ediface
falls away).

The tell us pluralism is the answer
as they speak in one voice --
money shaking the tree,
monkeys falling.

And I say,
who's planning now?

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