Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Guess who got a digital camera for Christmas?

I'll give you a hint: we did.

The whole digital world is great for sharing via blog, but I have to admit, I'll probably never print them. I'm not on-board with the whole print revolution. I'm a technocrat, but I'm also a cheapskate.

I thought there would be something lacking with digital insta-gratification that takes away from the surprise of opening your developed pictures and rifling through to see what came out, but I'm finding the opposite to be true. Now I know that when I download the pictures to the computer, each one is great (or at least great enough not to have been deleted on the spot). I'm going through them much more than I do my prints. I'm manipulating them with Photoshop and cropping and playing and resizing. It's all quite wonderful.

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