Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Poem for faith & fear

Silent Belief

We cannot believe their lies
so our defenses hypertrophy
while our muscles of faith collide.

What can be believed
when even the stars we see
may already be gone?

The night sky is masked by sunlight –
ozone holes shielded with clouds, gas,
and policy
(⅔ of the votes of ⅔ of the countries
except ours).

Our mountains of disbelief
hollow out at the core
precious metals ored
over centuries
by churches of faith
who told us to believe
on our own time
but work to mine the earth
on theirs.

They stole from us
more than our personal belief
in God: our access to faith,
our desire for it –
changing a journey
into a destination –
alchemy paving
all roads to gold –
all of them leading to Rome.

The rigid rationalizations of religion
coagulate into doctrinal creeds
uttered in unison
and paid for in blood
or in silver –
genocide or bankruptcy –
the spiritual, chemical,
economic emptiness of silence
that is all that remains
when one refuses to hear lies.

That void-like space
creates the vacuum
nature abhors enough
to populate planets,
solar systems.

And we revolve in silence,
witnessing with gratitude and wonder,
flashing like stars
in the last days
of enlightened decay.

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