Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Ego Refinement

A very wise friend talked with me about the dichotomy of ego.

In the negative, we identify with our work and the things we DO.  We assume it's our brilliance and not luck or grace or the wave of right place/right time/right positioning.  We think it's about us, that the universe needs ME to make things happen.

In the positive, we are self-actualized. We understand the balance between effort and grace, practice and luck, positioning and the wave.  We surf.  We glory in meeting the universe in the crest between our skill and its momentum.

Of course, this is also the Tao.  And Toy Story. And Hermes. All who know how to ride the wave of luck and power and momentum toward a goal that's aligned with the way things are, or could be with nudging.

(Hermes the trickster, the companion, the lucky, the guide to the underworld, when you are most who you are because you no longer DO.)

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