Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Connection Paradox

Something that I've been turning over in my little brain for a while now...

I believe meaning in this life is all about connection.  It's the push and pull of cosmic forces - the Big Bang blows apart after everything comes together too closely. Then the explosion sends everything speeding outward, yet molecules connect. Matter forms.  Gravity works.

And from the perspective of our perception, time is continuous, yet moments that matter come in chunks.  It's the space between seconds and minutes and hours and days that make up our memories and our decisions, which make us who we are.

And from another vantage point, it's our boundaries that make healthy lives possible - balancing our need to connect with our need to operate as independent, self-motivated agents.

So everything's connected, yet separation makes meaning.

And then you fold in Xeno's Paradox.  If you separate all things by half, close the distance by half, do this over and over, you are infinitely disconnected from all things.  Maybe what he describes is the physics of healthy living.

And there's one more piece that fits somehow.  Complexity happens at the edge of chaos and can generally be described as order that arises as more of the sum of constituent parts.  Maybe complexity is what makes the leap over Xeno's chasm.

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