Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making It Last

Making it last,
we put more faith
in the process than
in the fruits of our labor.
We love the hand-holding, embrace
the moments of confrontation
when perspectives clash, teach,
catalyze transformation of personal paradigms
to open the door to shared edens
or at least
worlds where the space between your values
and mine
is not so wide
your needs not as strange
our separation not so stark as to give us permission
to ignore each other’s far shore.

Having abandoned the need to bring you to my side
it becomes possible to
enjoy the feeling of movement
the breeze that travels between us
the scenery that changes with our perspectives
the sun that shines equally on us all.

Making it last
we accept the permanent truth of the journey
the immutability of change
the unending transaction between ourselves
and everything else
that makes it all so rich
so uniformly varied
so unthinkingly compelling
we can never be done.

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