Friday, November 05, 2010

Eric's mom is visiting from Miami for the first time since Umea was 1 month old. It's strange, isn't it, how different people tax you? Each levies a unique fine. Some of course, give refunds. Others are like paying taxes for defense spending: a global calculus finely arbitrated, rather large bets against the odds.

We just watched Stranger than Fiction again with her. I think we watched it with her in 2007 after our wedding. She liked it then but didn't remember having seen it when we started it again tonight.

That movie transports me to a place where new is possible. A new screenplay by a new screenwriter that breaks the genre and somehow remains utterly charming and impeccably good. Makes me want to be brilliant with something.

I'm walking around like I'm waiting for the phone to ring. "Hello, this is your destiny. Turn right ahead."

Poised in my inbox are two job applications to complete. Three, actually. One part-time, one temporary, one a long shot with too little money to be enticing. Two other possibilities are floating in the ether, waiting for a yes or no to wend their way to me.

My work in this moment is to feel full, feel directed just by orienting my face to the sun.

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