Thursday, September 22, 2005


by Christian Blake

I love your English
I love the way your words wind around your fingers
Around my fingers in a messy cat's cradle of rhyme and
Free verse trapping the wildly fluttering space
Between words
Green words
I see your tongue dance around the secret center
Of the bonfire I see your breath splash
Against the goodbye windowpane in a pink fog
Where you write your English with a finger
I hear your consonants consumed like pebbles thrown at the water
A kiss a slap a swallow into the deep-necked bottle
And disappear into heavy uselessness
I've felt your wet vowel thrown to the wall
I've seen you pause for thought in a small hole in the Earth
Like the storm between the light and the boom
And I've seen you in that flash naked
Gasping at a comma,
a snapshot of indecision and pure beauty
Between the right words stuck
Under the rainy gable comma,
On top of the zenith of thought comma,
Before you come out slash/ down the other side
O meet me in the rain in the valley of language
Come to me holding like a flower a comma,
Like the last fire a comma,
An inhale too slight to wake a candle
Like in a forest a falling leaf your comma,
The branch you hold on to breaks in that comma,
On a paper bed you lie out on the sheets
And I send on wings of quotation marks
"Write love to me"
End quotation marks
Remember your first word hit Return
To the alphabet of roses yoU lay on
WhY you shivered when you first wrote
The letter X with your mouth on mine
Condemned to a sentence of words
X again my lips Return
Me to your English entangle your syntax in mine
You were speaking comma,
WhY did you stop all at once question mark?
WhY did your eyebrows hook like a question mark?
I love your comma, that pause that _underscores
A hanging moment of nudity a lingering raindrop and says
That all words are abbreviations for the text in the belly
Drummed in an iambic heartbeat one two one two
YoU are talking comma, twisting the air on a semicolon;
YoU create the space between thoughts like a potter at her wheel
With muddy hands spinning the empty listening clay bowl of me
Sculpting my sides and my center remember now I
Interrupt and break your hyphen -
The sound out of place rapped against the air casting
The magic spelling of love with an X
I kiss each word running down the dictionary of your body comma,
Falling apart losing its definitions under my fingers comma,
Trembling like newspaper in the wind kissing down
From your neck down your index to your

Footnote Remember how we said life's not a paragraph
and death I think is no parenthesis

This is when your body became a V


You say exclamation point
Exclamation point
Begin with a lower case o
Apostrophe' comma,
Another lower case o in the middle of God
And the black of your eyes sparkle a white painful asterik*
Up on the ceiling each star an asterik* comma,
Breathing in apostrophes o' o'
We are conjugating
You are moving faster blurring to sheer verb comma,
A verb like move like feel like breathe like burn comma,
We say thrill on the page slash/ the silence
Whispering in lower case
I hold you in arms of parentheses (this is our place) end parentheses
Fully enjambed inside of you comma,
You are speaking your English I shift
My rhythm you make a vowel that covers us suddenly comma,
We are destroying language
I hit pound# again pound# exclamation point comma,
You say upper case O
Going down the alphabet punctuating the air
Pound # still holding control
Shift O again upper case O in the middle of GOD
Begging with that question mark
That says you surrender don't end the sentence comma,
Faster moving the line you make a comma,
Pull for more breath comma,
You bite my ear a syllable
You are an angel on wings of quotation marks when you say "Oh my God"
end quotation marks comma,
The ghost pivots inside of us comma, a semicolon;
You love my English
Be there comma,
I can see the end comma,
Capital X O now CAPS LOCK O MY GOD
Help comma,
An ellipsis hangs... like a fermata
Screaming in italics
The violent instant caught in parentheses
(O GOD spell G - O - D
The pleasure holds in an ellipsis...

End parentheses)

Exclamation point
We fall back on speech
Our moan makes slow eSses like smoke
I love your English how you say
Your love so eloquently and life's not a paragraph
We die tonight but in no parenthesis
And I tell you that you write the world wide open
Beautifully we are finished

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