Monday, June 02, 2014

Chaos - V.B. Price

The space-flinging, time-singing
Goddess First-Of-All,
Chaos the Free:
She casts the stars,
the comets, moons, the dust of light,
casts the flocks and flowers, any way they go.
She needs
no control.
She strolls,
cloud flowing,
at her own pace,
fearless as motion
being what happens
just as it does.
She's so unlike us
in Her essence,
so unlike us
She can stand
the freedom
of everything else,
stand it
and give it,
and praise it
as it follows itself
back to her.
That's the migration
we can't resist:
Our best is Hers
when we become
so unlike ourselves,
so free,
that we can stand
not to know
where we're going,
can stand
not to make safe
the freedom
of those we love,
always ripening in ourselves
the peace that is
where it's going.

1 comment:

  1. Thinking more about the last lines, I love the visceral sense it gives of the uncertainty principle - that we cannot know our position and speed/direction simultaneously. In any given moment, we can only be where we are. We can plan our lives and intend changes, but in any single moment, we must practice acceptance and peace with where we are. Even and perhaps especially when we want to be elsewhere.