Thursday, January 12, 2006

Venus de Milo

Upwards of steam
I breathe in silence
breathe out anger
muscles hardening to stone
one by one.

I am turning into Venus
arms lopped above the elbow.
You wouldn’t know it but
I’m reaching for you –
both of you.

Lover of my dark places
and hardened faces
Hermes guide back
into my hell-cave childhood,
your looming height
guards my secrets,
winged feet
prickster pranks
flank him on my other side.

Lover-to-be of my still-to-bes
domestic god of the hearth,
cooking-stove heat of rice simmering to a boil,
feed me a grain at a time
until I am full
from your hand,
belly distended
from our slow-swelling love.

June 2004

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