Friday, June 10, 2005

Knowing Stories

What stories I know about these people I will share with you.
The stories begin with the men and always end with the women;
that’s the way it is in our family. – Denise Chavez, Face of an Angel

I know no stories,
and the ones whose shadows
seem familiar
were probably lies.

Maybe not lies
but no one in my family
wanted to fess up
about the truth of his or her
own experience

Maybe they just had no faith
in the ability to communicate
what can only be personal
chaos – the randomness
of our days – the crazy
juxtaposition of events –
and the inevitability of an end
that never comes
until it does.

Our family holds secrets
that encompass whole lifetimes
eclipse whole personalities
bury connections of blood
that will never grow beyond family.

We are not friends;
we cannot know each other.

What I know about my family
I take on faith.

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