Monday, May 09, 2005

Running list of what I will do when school is finished

So I have 3 days left of classes. My last masters class finishes on Wednesday when I turn in my answers to the 10 page ($%&&*%&$%!?!) final.

Today, I thought I would take this opportunity of stuckness to understand what I value in my life but fail to prioritize on a daily basis.

1. Exercise
2. Reading fiction
3. Reading for thesis
4. Making mixed CDs of my most recent favorite songs
5. Weeding
6. Planting
7. Cleaning my house
8. Selling my recently-purged books
9. Planning the creative writing class for June
10. Seeing bad dollar movies
11. Renting good foreign films
12. Cooking
13. Calling all those estranged friends
14. Planning travel
15. Going to church (if you can call the Universalist Unitarian service church.)

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