Monday, December 20, 2004

Rumsfeld Admits Not Signing Condolence Letters to Families

Meanwhile complaints about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld increased over the weekend after the military publication Stars and Stripes revealed that the Pentagon has been using a machine to sign a copy of Rumsfeld's signature onto condolence letters mailed to families of soldiers killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. One mother in Brooklyn whose son was killed last year said "It makes me feel awful and sad. So many families out there have lost their kids, and he couldn't sign to show how much he cares?" Nearly 1,500 U.S soldiers have now died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The White House continues to defend Rumsfeld. On Sunday Andrew Card said Rumsfeld has been doing a "spectacular job." --

Don't you get it, lady? He is showing how much he cares! He's showing EXACTLY how much he cares. Be glad it's not being delivered C.O.D. Be glad they're bothering to check his dog tags and find your address. Be relieved they're sending him home at all. Remember to send that check to the Republican Party that this hell can continue for four more years!

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