Sunday, November 07, 2004


It is amazing how glacial shifts happen in a matter of days if you're brave enough to be open and honest and vulnerable.

I invited my entire family over for breakfast, knowing there were icy undercurrents of feelings and misunderstandings and on and on. After a yelling match and hasty exits and awkward re-entrances, we all emerged on the other side knowing a lot more about where we're all coming from, and I, for one, have much more sympathy and space in myself for the hard places in which my siblings find themselves.

And all it takes is drama, bravery, and openness to catharsis. No problem, right?

What with the recent election, family events, and major friend-related controversies, it feels everything is up for grabs. A scary moment, to be sure, but one filled with more potential for movement and change than I've felt in a long, long time.

I was reading an old journal this weekend and found a line that I don't remember writing but rather enjoy:

I go forward asking nothing more than everything I ever wanted, instead of the nothing I've settle for so far.

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